Electronics Recycling

Best practices for managing e-waste is clearly defined by our processes and systems. With proper documentation and scheduled checks of our downstream vendors, we ensure that their compliance remains in line with our requirements. Final de-manufactured product is recycled with a smelter who constantly is evaluated and receives report cards for their levels of emissions and recycling efficiency.

Reduce E-waste

As a premier technology recycler, Upcycle is dedicated to helping our clients manage their excess, obsolete or unused technology equipment. All of our electronic waste recycling services focus on security, efficiency, and compliance. We can help you manage and recycle almost any electronic device or equipment.

Responsible Disposition

Our recycling process sorts and prepares the materials so they can be easily reused or broken down into raw material to create a new product. Common items that are recycled are plastic, glass, paper, batteries and aluminum, but nearly everything can be recycled or reused.