Data Erasure/Destruction

When it comes to data security, one key area that cannot be overlooked is when an electronic device reaches the end of its life cycle. Our standardized policies, procedures, training and equipment guarantee assured compliance.  Whether we service on your site or at our facility, we deliver quick and secure destruction of hard drives, back up-tapes, CD’s, memory devices, and all other forms of media.

On-site Destruction

We have the capability and equipment to conveniently offer destruction services at your data center or office. Our professional services are delivered direct or through one of our network partners. Upcycle’s on-site services are extremely cost effective due to the ability for us to process high volumes of drives simultaneously. What takes our competition a week, we can do in just one day. Our proven methodology guarantees that each drive is processed with serial number tracking and custom reports. Non-functional drives are degaussed then punched.

Off-site Logistics

Upcycle’s facility has state of the art equipment and comprehensive security surveillance. Our expert staff is highly trained to facilitate inventory management including disposition of inventory with full data compliance. In our new facility, all our clients’ needs are securely accommodated while still maintaining our on-site services to multiple clients across multiple platforms. A full logistics team plans and secures every point of transport, to and from our facility. A detailed inventory of all assets is securely maintained at all times.